Cybercriminals actively collaborate on diverse platforms in order to run more sophisticated and advanced attacks. It is estimated that, in order to run the SolarWinds attack, more than 1000 engineers have cooperated. How can a small company protect herself against such a big army? Truth to be told, it is not possible, and it may not even be viable for your company sustainability. Are you willing to spend thousands of dollars to protect a business worth a million? Would your company still be sustainable at that stage? The ugly truth is that close to nobody is willing or can afford to pay a huge percentage of his revenues for cybersecurity.  

An objection may be: it’s true but there’s plenty of OpenSource tools out there, they’re free I will use them instead. Well OpenSource software is great, but to be effective in a realworld environment it must be configured, monitored and updated. Otherwise, it will give you a false sense of security. Cybersecurity as such is not a matter of simple tools, it’s a matter of people empowered with tools and tools made intelligent by people.   

This is the reason why we are here to show you a different approach and a different path that has been already taken in the history: that of communityWe have envisioned a community where companies can share information about incoming/outgoing network traffic, where email attachments can be scanned before being opened and where we have dedicated people and tools that can leverage on these amounts of data to build a better and safer environment. A community where companies who lack expertise or money, can buy tools together and can help each other in being more protected. In this way, from small companies to big companies they all can have the same cybersecurity tools and don’t need to waste money on expensive / complex cybersecurity solutions. In history people have started to join each other in communities that have always led to growth of culture, wellbeing and progress. On the other hand, whenever people have been divided, they have always been easier to be conquered or attacked.  

One might wonder: ok you’ve convinced me of the necessity of defending together against cybercrime. How can I be ensured that in this community only trusted people can have access to or read my sensitive information? How can I be guaranteed that there is no “undercover” malicious actor that will share my data regardless of my will?  

Our answer is: our solution lets you define who can access your data, under which conditions, when they have to be destroyed and even how they can be analyzed. Such conditions are continuously monitored in order to promptly react whenever a change occurs. Thanks to our flexible technology you can define diverse and rich policies, where different trust schemas can be considered 

At this stage I may have convinced you, but you have still a doubt: this technology seems very nice, but I don’t know anything about policies, trust… Well, we’re here to help you. Join us in this journey and we will train you in order to give you the ability to write your own policies. We will also share a simulator where you can test your policies beforehand.  

Please contact us and be ready to start a new security journey TOGETHER.