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Make data secure, traceable, and sovereign. Share information with your partners and grow your business.

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GUARDA is the SaaS solution that helps businesses and organizations to develop new business models and to make more efficient products and services, through the safe and sovereign data exchange.

Why data sharing?

Sharing data and information has become increasingly important. Every competitive product and service is the result of the work of entire supply chains. The more they share information and operate in an augmented data driven (ADD) ecosystem the more efficient and competitive they become.

Research by Gartner and McKinsey demonstrates the enormous potential and benefits for value chains via secure and system-wide data sharing.

Build your Augmented Data Driven Organization.

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What GUARDA does for you

Simplifies and makes corporate data sharing secure

Increases efficiency and productivity by creating strongly connected ecosystems

Enables the development of new value-added services for the data economy

Generates new competitive advantages for all organizations and their ecosystems


Share data and expand your business with GUARDA

Create a single federated data driven organization that includes all the stakeholders in your value chain: customers, suppliers, collaborators, providers, third parties.

Secure and resilient processes, here’s how it works:

Authorized subjects

Authorized subjects can upload, share, update, use and acquire data in a secure and controlled manner. With secure, collaborative and easier access, decisions will be faster and more efficient for everyone

Data processing

The system incorporates partner agreements on data processing methods and transforms them into operational policies applied to transactions, ensuring a very high level of flexibility and granularity, verified and monitored during and after each operation

Custom Report

GUARDA generates custom reporting and tracks every operation and allows perfect control over activities, based on sharing agreements

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Why Guarda

GUARDA adds flexibility and security to data management and allows businesses and organisations to adapt quickly and efficiently to dynamic and uncertain environments:

Authentication features

Login with highly advanced and customizable authentication features, permissions and notifications

Automatic monitoring

Automatic monitoring and evaluation of partner reliability and, if necessary, anonymization of data

Information quality

Quantity and quality increase of information with which everyone can make better decisions on accurate and reliable data

Fast and easy platform adaptability

Reduced IT costs with fast and easy platform adaptability. New revenues from data sharing and increased competitiveness will significantly improve economic performance

Personalised reporting and traceability

Personalised reporting and traceability of each operation.

Make the most of manufacturing 4.0

The interconnection of industrial machinery (I4.0) has contributed to a greater availability of data that can be used to create new services and more efficient and competitive products.

Make the most of your business data with GUARDA:

Share key production data securely

Automates predictive maintenance processes

Create more competitive products and services with accurate and accessible data

Reduce downtime and other associated costs through more flexible interactions with providers

Keep data control and ensure data security

Become compliant with regulations and organizational requirements

Take advantage of data


Web3 Technologies

As a result of security forge R&D activities, GUARDA uses innovative technologies at the basis of Web3 that constitute the evolution of the digital world towards the decentralized Internet of value (iov) based on data valorization.

  • Allows the continuous data control and the absolute respect of sharing conditions fixed with predefined policies between the users.
  • Guarantees data sovereignty, allowing each accredited user to control the proper use of their data.
  • Simplify data access mapping and use policies in broad and heterogeneous ecosystems (supply chains and smart environments such as energy, mobility, logistics, building, etc.) where products and services create value only if they are able to exchange information transparently and with predefined contracts between the parties involved. GUARDA makes the data safe and traceable.

Data spaces digitally realise the federated network concept and architecture consisting of nodes that guarantee data sovereignty and allow sharing valuable information to achieve a common goal: to satisfy the customer.

Delivery mode like SaaS simplifies GUARDA’s integration into business processes, keeps costs low and monitored, and gives each organisation the flexibility and TCO you need.

GUARDA guide your business towards the future

GUARDA makes your organisation compliant with the federated infrastructure of GAIA-X, designed to promote and ensure sovereignty over data generated and managed by businesses operating on European territory.

Become part of GUARDA’s world

GUARDA can already be integrated into information systems to update and innovate data governance and security policies and procedures. Take a Zero Trust approach now and harness the power of your data.

Security Forge, member of Gaia-X AISBL, also offers software development and consulting services to integrate GUARDA technologies in the customer companies solutions.

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