Data security and protection tailored to your business.
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GUARDA is a data protection platform

Aim of GUARDA is that of providing an end-to-end data protection service, protecting data lifecycle starting from data creation to data end of life

Control data at rest and during usage

GUARDA wants to protect, give and create value, allow secure DATA sharing


Attacks targeting data

Need of secure sharing

Loss of data value

Lack of control on data

Difficult to handle heterogeneous data

Lack of automation

Lack of adequate measures to protect data especially on IoT devices


Authentication and fine grained authorization

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Data Usage control

Data anonymization and eventual manipulation techniques

Secure data sharing

API for data analysis

Secure Multi Party computation and Homomorphic encryption support

Heterogeneous data handled in an homogeneous way


Define sharing bubbles

Track sharing data and leave data owner always in control

Watermark to identify eventual breach responsible


Platform for data secure storage and sharing

SDK to protect data from source (IoT devices, robots…)

Data Access and Usage control

Anonymise and Track data when necessary:
    Privacy, IPR, DRM

Regulation compliant

API for data analysis

GUARDA is under development, pick your favourite feature and witness its development


Made by cybersecurity professionals

Simplify data storage and sharing

Reduce data breach impact

Enables creation of data marketplace

Enables services leveraging on data (telemedicine, robotics, Industry 4.0)

Multi environment (Public/Private/Hybrid cloud)


Data Usage control technology used also in EU cloud Gaia-X

End – 2 – End data protection

Tailor made approach


Data lifecycle varies depending on type of data:
It starts when data is created, then data gets sent to cloud where it is stored. For certain time, depending on data this operation can last very long, data is analyzed, shared…. Until it reaches the end of life.
Protecting data lifecycle means protecting your business and adding value to it since you will be able to draw conclusions on trustworthy data
Certain data such as DNA, climate information, have a very long lifecycle and, if harmed or tampered with, a lot of damage can be caused


Public cloud

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