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Future is now

Security Forge begins a path of activity in the areas of strategy, finance, marketing and communication to spread its brand and its solutions.


Security Forge joins GAIA-X AISBL, the leading European organisation that defines and promotes standards, technologies and infrastructures enabling the data economy. It is also associated with Clusit, the main organisation for information security in Italy and InnovUp, the main Italian ecosystem of startups and companies that make innovation their main mission.

Federmanager Toscana

Security Forge enters the mentorship program Startup Success launched and promoted by Federmanager Toscana and begins to use an experienced manager as a support and guide in the path of product launch and business development.

Innovative Startup

Security Forge was born as an innovative startup during the Trusted Cloud and IoT project of EIT Digital with partners such as IIT-CNR, Reply, BT and Huawei. The initiative is born from a group of specialists united by a vision, a shared mission and a solid background in cybersecurity, control of access and use of […]