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Antonio La Marra

Security Forge co-founder


Antonio La Marra

As an entrepreneur in cybersecurity, I have a solid technical background and a passion for ICT and math. During the last few years, I learned a lot about economics, the startup world, and communication. I have an MSc in Computer Engineering from Università di Pisa. I have also authored several scientific papers on usage control and cybersecurity. I spent several years as Assistant Researcher in cybersecurity. I had the opportunity to play with awesome tech: usage control, IoT, car hacking, malware analysis, and several other things! In 2018 I co-founded Security Forge where I have served as CEO since then. In Security Forge, we enable companies to share data securely. This makes automating tasks, creating new business models, and cutting costs possible! Three personal things about me: I’m a dad, I read a lot of books and I listen to a lot of rock music.

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