Company History

Security Forge srl was born as innovative startup in March 2018 during the EIT Digital project Trusted Cloud and IoT. Partners of this project were IIT-CNR, Reply, BT and Huawei. Founders of Security Forge have a strong background in research in the cybersecurity field and have published many research papers, mostly related to Access and Usage Control in Cloud, IoT, SDN… and Mobile Security. We founded Security Forge with the idea of innovating cybersecurity by transforming research ideas into innovative products. With the spread of IoT and Mobile devices, Cloud and Edge computing, old solution still work but they’re not enough. Moreover Internet is connecting devices, making them “smarter”, which were not meant to be accessed from remote site, thus expanding attack surface.

In July Security Forge joins Polo Tecnologico Navacchio Incubator. We have great expectations for this journey, working with the supporto of an amazing and stimulating ecosystem to launch our product.

Security Forge gets mentored thanks to Federmanager Toscana. We now have a temporary manager to support and guide us through the path of launching a product. Up to now the journey has been incredible, we learnt a lot throughout these years and we know new challenges are waiting us in the road. Stay tuned!!


Smart-ing everything is a new trend, but without proper security devices do not provide additional service to customer, they’re simply a risk. Moreover the data company use in order to customize customer experience, without proper security can be altered or modified.

Cybersecurity is a continuous evolving field, you need passion to keep the pace of new coming technologies and a thinking out of the box to discover risks (and seldom opportunities) that you might never have thought of. 

In Security Forge we have a strong background of programming, secure programming methodologies, access control and identity management. 

Most importantly we believe that continuous training is the key, and that to be more proficient in one field you have to expand your view.


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